Debra Carruthers Massage Therapy - From the active athlete to the busy executive, massage matters
"I hurt my back at work and was struggling when trying to move. Debra worked on my back and after the initial treatment, I was able to move easier.  I had a further two treatments after this and within seven days I was back to normal.  Since then I have been back for weekly maintenance massage as I am training for New York marathon.  After running 15 miles the leg massage is second to none and highly recommend her."
"Having never really considered massage before as part of my recovery strategy I used to spend weeks dealing with post marathon/triathlon fatigue and soreness; since I've started to work with Debra I have been able to recover quicker and train stronger. I have went from being unable to train for weeks after a hard race to being in a position where I have been back in the pool and out on the road within 7 days of my last event!"
"I have had Reiki several times from Debra during a period when I was having difficulty sleeping...I find it really hard to understand how it works.....but it does. Since then I have had both back and leg massages to help with the aches and pains associated with road running and also running after a toddler! Debra is professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and most importantly of all..GOOD! I've had lots of massages before but I could really feel the difference with Debra. I've recommended her several times to family, friends, running buddies and fellow Mums of little ones!"
"As a working mum with three children (and a dog) being fit and healthy is extremely important.  I have always lead an active lifestyle and endeavoured to keep fit but have struggled over the past 15 years with a recurring shoulder problem.  I have spent those years “experimenting” with countless (not to mention often conflicting!!!) remedies all of which were either recommended of supplied by numerous GPs.  Treatments ranges from ice/cool packs to heat treatments, rest to exercise and I think I have been prescribed every painkiller available!!!
When I came across an advert for DMCT I was skeptical but figured that I had nothing to lose so booked myself in for my first massage treatment……and I haven’t looked back since!!!  DCMT offers a personal yet professional service that you would struggle to find in larger companies….and the prices are very competitive.
The benefits that I have reaped from regular treatments are not only physical in the reduction of my pain, but are also psychological.  The stress, frustration and depressed feelings that come hand in hand when living with chronic pain fade and I always leave feeling totally relaxed in both body and mind and ready to tackle whatever life throws my way.
I would highly recommend using DCMT to anyone…whether you just want to relax after a hard day or be pampered…or have a more specific injury this is definitely the place to come."